Friday, March 15, 2013

A Change in this Blog

I've decided to change this blog a bit.  It's still going to be my 'author' blog, and I'll still talk about books and writing, but it's also going to be my general public blog. I have a lot of other things to write about so I figure I'll just include them here.  They're pretty random.  Expect...
-Introspection about Judaism
-Updates from Israel during my trip this summer
-Birchbox Reviews (I'm addicted... addicted...)
-Graffiti photos

I don't have too many followers yet here, so I think the change won't be too disruptive.  But feel free to unfollow if you like! I definitely won't take it personally.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013


Tomorrow I'm piling into a car with Danielle Ellison, Cindy Thomas, and Kate Kaynak and we're heading out to the Berkshires for a writing retreat!  We're meeting Angie Frazier, Amalie Howard, and Kristi Cook there, and we all rented a house. 

I'm pretty excited to meet all of these amazing ladies. I'm also excited to spend some dedicated time writing. I've turned in my revisions for ETHER to my agent, and so while that's temporarily out of my hands, it's nice that I'll have these few days to focus on my next book.

I'm also a little anxious.  What does one do at a retreat? How much sharing will there be? Writing original work has always been a pretty solitary endeavor for me. I will report back when I return, or maybe I'll live blog our snowed-in YA extravaganza.